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How you behave around one group of friends may be completely different to how you behave around another group of friends. And how you behave around your friends may be different to how you behave around your family. And you may behave differently around your parents than you do around the rest of your family. And so on. Like, you have different personalities with each individual group/person. When you’re online, it’s sort of like every single persona in one. I’m krazy though so maybe that’s just me lmao. I don’t even think I’m making sense

There’s things on bx that I WOULD say in real life to some people, and other things that I wouldn’t. It’s not about living a double life, it’s just based on the dynamic of your relationship. You’d fist bump your friend but not your boss for example. You adapt your behavior depending on who you’re around. I hope that makes sense

I’d tell my friend “look at this ugly a*s thot” in real life or online, I wouldn’t say that to my mother in any situation though lol