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 Jalen Hoes said
These people really dont realize how expendable and unneeded they are. Dont sign the contract if you dont like the wording. Joe has always been a narcissistic weirdo I wont ever feel bad to other morons who sign to him and are unhappy with a contract they signed yrs ago
They had percentage pay... They all should have been getting the same info, at the same time, thing is they wasnt getting the info, and put their trust in Joe until he started talking all the big money being generated, and they likely didnt realize the numbers were off until then.

Then they finally get the books, and notices a 400K short somewhere, meanwhile the staff on salary were getting raises and etc... Which prompts the "re-investment" argument, and "parts to the whole" rhetoric, which they suggested but didnt formally agree upon.

Thing is, it's unspinnable... he promised to fix it, obviously lied or hasnt done so in good time, and they further pressed him abt it. That's not a partnership, thats worker sh*t... The 400k should have been accounted for, salary work is already in the tuck, percentages though, they all should collectively have that info at the same time, and had the same problem and solution for it.

Somewhere sh*t changed from the "handshake deal" like trust they had to the "its only business" sentiments they have towards each other now, but the damage is done.