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 Rocko said
Might as well say Dirk > TD since he was a much better scorer than him too.

You're over valuing scoring and under valuing defense, passing, rebounding, etc.

Talk all this stuff about KG needing hall of famers but Dirk had Steve Nash for half of his career.
 legacy313 said
The reason why I put KG over Dirk is because of the defense. 9x All Defensive 1st Team appearances for KG compared to Dirk's 0. KG was a two way player, Dirk was a scorer.
9x All-D KG got swept by DIRK in the playoffs

DIRK dropped 33 & 16 on 53-73-89 on KG's head in that series

DIRK always won a title without another all-star or All-NBA player and had a legendary run. KG did not.