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I'm gonna share some real sh*t with y'all. When I was in my early 20's I started seeing dark figures in my apartment from time to time. I was already solid within myself and studied many aspects of spirituality so I related the power of fearing darkness and being taught to subconsciously fear my own power as a black man to unlocking my own potential. I began to figure like everyone else that I was supposed to fear my sightings since they were black and dark......nah I embraced them. We are taught to fear OURSLEVES so deeply that most would run to something draped in "light and whiteness" even during spiritual revelation. Not me. I learned the truth about God. That "he" as the bible states created the universe in a void of darkness. This reflects the part of the mind where logic doesn't rule. This is what you are taught to be afraid of.....why? Because it's in this realm of thinking that you will be able to find yourself and unlock many blessings. I'm not suggesting anyone do anything. But just think......