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I had to really sit and think about this since most of the games I wanted to list are multiplat, but my PS3 exclusive list is:


I missed out on the MGS4 PS3 bundle so I bought the Drake's Uncharted one just for MGS4. MGS4 gets a lot of flak for being mad cutscene heavy but I enjoyed every minute of it. MGO is still one of the best multiplayers I've ever ran thru and the gameplay/controls of MGS4 still hold up today.


RDR is damn near perfect in all aspects from beginning to end, especially in the story.


The OG Resistance was dope for trying something new and I don't think it got the love it deserved, especially not the last game.


Uncharted 1 is trash but Uncharted 2 is high up there for me with one of the best openings in a game I've ever played and its all gas no brakes from there.


I know a lot of n*ggas that got filtered by the difficulty curve in this game but I fu*k with how hard it was to get into it for me at first.

Honorable mention:

Mad simple game but the atmosphere it builds is crazy, especially with no dialogue. Musical score really does a great job setting the tone thru the entire game.