Thread: Video in this thread The World's First manual MK5 Supra
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 FukHowYouFeel said
I haven't ever been able to put it into words honestly. I fell in love with MKIVs when I was a kid.

Then I stumbled upon the tuning community surrounding them in the early 2000s. I was hooked ever since. I've owned 4 in total now. My MKV comes next month and I still have two MKIVs (94 & 98).

They're addicting. The feel, sound, etc. Striking in person too...I owned a 2014 GT-R and it never got half the attention as the Supras.

A lot of it has to do with how stout they were built. Stock 2JZGTE and that v160 trans. can support about 850-900hp to the wheels all day long. Just with bolts ons you're sniffing 480-500hp. You upgrade turbo, fuel delivery, ECU, clutch/fly and tires and you're reliably beating up on super cars all day long.

It's one of the most overly-engineered cars ever built.
greatest car ever
got an mk3 now, want an mk4 before avg price on em is 150K