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 ArmaniMark said
100% True Facts:

I live about 10 minutes from EMinem. his house is Sick, he bought it off former K Mart CEO. I can give you his address if you don't believe me.

Eminem used to work at a Blimpie's (not sure if 100% true but heard from many)

Kid Rock started out as a local rapper in Detroit

Kid Rock use to break dance, one of my high school teachers took a class he tought WAY before he was famous.

Eminem grew up in Warren, not Detroit, he lived North of 8 mile.

Royce 5'9" is from Oak Park

Obie Trice tried to buy my girlfriend a drink at the bar , she shut him down so he then went for her friend. He has a thing for arabic girls I guess

I stayed in the same hotel as LL Cool J when i had a bball tournament in Sheriville Ilndiana. He was on tour with Dru Hill. I was in the gym working out and LL was there and so was the newest guy from Dru Hill (he's from the last album). LL Cool J worked out while his body guard watched out for him. LL also worked out in clear sunglasses. LL was stuck up like hell but that guy from Dru Hill (I forget his name for the life of me) was the nicest motherfu*ker I met! Also LL is pretty tall, i'm 6'4" and he's probally around my height, but I don't think he's much of a thug from the impression I got.
1.What's Eminem Address?
2.When did Obie Trice buy your girl a drink?
3.I thought LL was 6'1"?
4.Eminem worked at some Pizza Parlor