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 Yardfather said
Couple people who got robbed in England most in London;

Ja Rule got his Avirex stolen by a 15 year old and he still rock's it to this day.
Akon got robbed on a video shoot.
Elephant Man.
Jagged Edge.
Mario Winan's.

Also I heard Game got beaten the sh*t out of him in Manchester.

I'm pretty sure it is bullsh*t, but you never know. Apparently the guy said to Game "You're in my hood now". Game reponded "I respect that, but yo I'm from Compton", to which the guy responded "fu*k Compton". The Game then tried to swing, and then got swiftly dealt with by the guy. I was laughing when I was told this. It was so amusing to even picture it, especially as the guy that supposedly banged up The Game was like 5'5"/5'7" and stocky.
and anybody who believes any of this is gettin added to the KUFI LIST