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Big Shaq 
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Also I attend college in GA and this aint a LIE!!!

I was In the weight room benching my normal 225lbs Pastor Troy was going to perform for our pep rally so he was just walking around the campus with his body guards until the pep ralley started signing autographs and sh*t!!

He came in the weight room and was talkin sh*t like "Oh that aint nothing! " I said "Oh it aint go head and do a set!!" His body guards were telling him not to but he tried anyway and it was too much for him and it fell on his chest ("Mad people was in there too and saw that sh*t it was funny!!!)"his body guards had to take 45 lbs off each side so he can do a set with out k*lling his self

If yall know who Pastor Troy is some n*ggas stole that big a*s Championship Belt and told him and he aint do sh*t = Very Old News