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fu*kin Great Thread. This should go down in boxden classics...

Lets keep this alive.

Redman got his name when a girl slapped him in high school and left his face red. (from his mouth)

J-Zone's first album was made for a school project, sh*t i wish i was in that class

talented producer Ayatollah (Mos Def, Screwball, Vast Aire, Cormega, etc.) wanted to do something else than just be a DJ, Tragedy Khadafi got Marley Marl to lend a shtload of equipment to Ayatollah, years later Ayatollah made a name for himself and finally Marley got his equp. back, its crazy if u think if it wasnt for Marley, there is no Ayatollah

this cat told me Marley Marl is married to the princess of Japan, that would explain why sometimes Future Flavas (Marley's radio show would be broadcasted in Japan) i still dont know if i belive this but if its true thats one royal family

Freddie Foxxx got his other name Bumpy Kunckles when he beat this dude down, afterward this girl was like damn, ure knuckels are bumpy as hell and the rest is history

another Bumpy Knucks story is after he dissed noreaga, noreaga stepped up to Foxxx outside of a club, norega started to talk sht bout Foxxx, Bumpy stepped right to Nore's face and was like what u going to do about it, Nore backed away like a bi*ch and hasnt said what what what since

Something I always found interesting is about Snoop Dog's name. A "snoop" is a word crips call bloods but yet Snoop is a crip.

What's the real story with Eric Sermon and the sketchy story a few years back about him jumping out a 2 story window after a girl he was messing with's man came home and surprised the both of them.

As much as I don't really like Camron he did a damn good job on "Paid in Full". Not a bad actor.

Threat supposedly whooped Cube's a*s at a traffic light back in the mid 90's. Jacked'eem for his chain and everything. I'd always heard the rumor. And then on 1 of the Beef DVD's Cube never bothered to deny it.