Thread: Video in this thread Why Does Griselda Get a Pass for this sh-t?
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Why Does Griselda Get a Pass for this sh-t?

I'm a huge fan of the crew, was listening to their RapRadar interview when B. Dot brought up the cover.

I didn't really have any idea what the cover was about but apparently it's a known homeless fiend in the Buffalo area who asks for money just to shoot up. And then Gunn hasn't even spoken to her since the album dropped.

How is this NOT fu*ked up? Y'all would crucify other rappers for putting a literal dope fiend on the cover for her family to see then not even attempting to reach out to her or idk, get her in a facility, something other than profit off her habit.

Love these guys, but this sh*t is wack to me, I'm sorry.

Timestamp is 15:02