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 IcebergIzm said
LMAO @ the spin game this gay n*gga givin him @2:30

This is just 1 reason i dont fuxk with Apple products. Another is i hate being tied down to iTunes and they DRM bullsh!t. They do make great laptops tho i cant lie.

How da fuxk can the cost of the repair cost more than a new product ?!

Pay attention people . . .i want to you TECH guy's to tell me if he's bullsh*tting or can this really be possible?
Of course its possible. What cracked me up was the part where customers are wondering if apple has their 'best interests at heart'. Dumbfu*ks it is a corporation, are you stupid? They have a legal obligation to provide the highest possible profit to their investors. As long as it is possible they HAVE to do it. And those brainwashed retards lining up outside the store and cheering each other on as they walk in to be r*ped... what a lost generation this is. People proud of being idiots and virtual slaves. And none of that legislation will ever pass. Heres the best part. You idiots are so easy to manipulate, a politician can fu*k you over and over and you keep coming back. These big corporations are smarter. You dont do what they want and the thousands they donate to and spend on every single reelection campaign doesnt come through for you, it goes to your opponent. Politicians know they have to stay in line. Thats why the only (few) laws that help regular people that come around nowadays come out of the supreme court. They are unelected and our elections are 100% bought and sold. But again you cant blame the corporations they have a legal obligation to pursue profit at all costs, even if it means corrupting the government. Of course theres theoretically a solution - you all could stop voting for the same 2 parties. But youre too dumb for that. All they have to so is say hey, if you dont vote for us, the other party will get elected, and theyre totally racist, I mean theyre practically Hitler, they probably say the N WORD when nobody is around, I mean I dont have any proof but just look at them you can totally tell right?

And you fu*king retards waste an hour every two years, maybe even give them your money, so they can get elected and protect these companies and their right to fu*k you in the a*s. You all deserve it, you make me fu*king sick.

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