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 Taste Maker said
no jewelry with moving parts should be 24k (Pure gold) because it is too soft.

I always go 18k because that's what my Rolex is and they only use best sh*t so I trust them. Plus I want all my sh*t to match.

I don't hate on 14k if people want to do that because it is harder and more durable and will last longer, but the color is a lil off when you hold it next to 18k

as far as 10k y'all trippin that sh*t is barely gold and looks brown lmao. that's that middle of the mall sh*t, don't go less than 14k..
Nah I disagree alot of people wear 10k
I have 14k and u can barely tell the difference

And what kinda gold we talking because chinese yellow gold and Russian gold in 10 looks like 14

If it ain't from the chinks or the Jews its middle of the mall sh*t in my book
Diamond district and china town ain't selling that bullsh*t out here.