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 AnuthaOne said
colored diamonds are for junkies
they have no value
yellow gold and white diamonds all the way
its the only way to go
i like 10k cause its hard
my teeth, chain and 6 of my 9 rings are 10k yellow gold
diamond earrings one .75 ct and 2x .25 ct

i dont care what the pilled out junkies are overpaying that crook for, i know what i like
10k and 14k last longer than the other shined 10k last even longer than 14k.

Nipsey hussle cubans were 10-14k

People dont remember but back in the ln the 80s and early 90s people wore 16k and 24k rings and chains, pendants and it was pure but it didnt last long and got tarnished fast from dirt and oil from the skin.

But yes that yellow good is the truth.