Thread: Images in this thread Oct 9 - Joshua Brown Trapping Pics! Game Over!
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 PineappleOG said
Ya he had a regular amount of money and one giant nug of weed. Not a big deal.

Also your square a*s couldn’t survive in the streets of a nice suburb, you’d get hoe’d our literally and metaphorically

I also don’t have social media and wouldn’t be stunting on lames even if I was

Also it’s not wasn’t, I still am moving, it’s just extra side money
Man if u don't shut yo Tariq from Power a*s up. U have no idea who tf u talkin to boy

I done been to places u wouldnt even GOOGLE, let alone visit and cop from

Stick to your closet plants and bedroom. I'm sure your college clientele looks at u like Boston George but u a sweet boy to me and wont no amount of generic Trap stories change that