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 Bandito said
Read the article.

18 or 30 feet, it don't matter. They use the gaps in the fence to straddle with their feet and arms. One guy was able to go over 18 feet in 40 seconds. What's another 12 feet going to accomplish in stopping someone getting to the top.

Maybe we need to listen to trump's ideas about the "moot" with gators.
Because as seen with this screenshot, they climb on the side of the fence/wall when they get to the top, which isn't possible with the real wall. And also, without a "safety rope" if you fall, thats 30 feet you're falling.

Also, notice how they claim some adult did 18 feet in 40 secs, yet they didn't show any evidence of that. How hard is it, with everyone having a cell phone, to simply record someone for 40 secs? Do you even use your brain?