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 OWPE said
She cannot scale the fence. Number 1, the fence is much taller. Number 2, she can't grab the fence on the side like how she does in the video.

Once again, go click the link to the article and watch the video demonstration.

The article claims all of this can be done without a rope, yet their video evidence doesn't show anyone scaling without a rope, and definitely not in 40 seconds like the article suggests. The demonstration video on their article is longer than 40 secs, and that wall is not as tall as the real thing. The girl struggles and then grabs the side of the top to help try to get over, which you can't grab cuz there is no side.

Any intelligent person would realize that the video evidence would show someone without a rope doing it in 40 secs........

I watched the video smart guy. Again, the rope is simply for safety. If the parents hadn't put a safety rope on her you'd be in here screaming child abuse.

Get lost troll.