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 LazyLeg said
It's almost like what's happening is what anyone with common sense said was going to happen but instead of listening to actual reason you're just called a bigot and they try to ruin your life
I bin rooting for the chaos the WHOLE time.

There's all sorts of irony and hypocrisy and i love it.

All this pretend sh*t about equality is hilarious. If a dude who wants to be a woman, wants to f*ght for equality and inclusion, wouldn't he be a woman and then go play the men's game? Isn't THAT the "equality" that they should be f*ghting for? "Women" playing on the men's team? No no, this is all about personal gain.... has nothing to do with equality or inclusion. It's all from a selfish perspective.

I want MORE chaos. I'm not going to be satisfied until this sh*t happens in boxing and basketball.