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The Joker movie is making Iím famous convicted ped0phile a lot of money!

Convicted paedophile and disgraced glam rock singer Gary Glitter could financially profit from Joker after one of his songs was used in the movie’s soundtrack.

“Rock & Roll Part 2”, released in 1972 and co-written by Glitter, features in an important scene in the film, an origin story in which the Batman villain is played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Glitter was sentenced to 16 years behind bars in 2015 for historic s*x attacks on three schoolgirls.

When it emerged that a song co-written by Glitter is used in the Joker soundtrack, some expressed concerns that he might receive money stemming from the use of the song. Those concerns became widespread following Joker‘s theatrical release on Friday, 4 October.

Some experts have explained how Glitter could end up making profits from the film

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