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 OldBusiness said
The problem with your opinion is these are bipartisan bills. House republicans are even expressing disdain at this point because theyre being ignore as well. One of the other users gave proof they were bipartisan. You have republican senators who have expressed support for these bills but Mitch McConnel is putting his own bias above the country itself.

The man is blocking bills concerning election security, consumer protection, medical insurance, education, and so on that over 90% of both the house and senate support.

Perhaps you should become more informed regarding these issues and stop depending slanted news for your opinions-because your "statement pieces" line comes directly from Hannity

One of the best things I ever did for myself was turn the news off and learn on my own

Mitch McConnel and Chuck Grassley both have said they will not bring anything a Pelosi led house passes to a vote because they dont want her to look like shes working.

Start here:


You shouldn't be allowed to declare that you won't act in good faith to help the American people in order to spite political rivals.