Thread: Video in this thread Is PlayStation In Trouble For Next Generation?
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 TonyCartagena said
GTA 6 On The Way L Box Stanleys For Ps5 As A Timed Exclusive Dumbasses
Just Looked Over His sh*tty YouTube Channel And This Fake Unbox Therapy Looking a*s Is A XBot

Heres A Real YouTube Channel
hows this a realer channel than any other thats been posted, his sh*t dont sound professional as other channels, why is his opinions seem to garner more praise from u? any video i post that champions xbox also champions psn if praise is warranted....

gears looks great, and multi player is good to... maybe cause i didnt pay anything for it, my critique may not be as harsh as others.. but from what ive seen, i have no complaints!

just like COD, i stop buying them since the last WW2 one 2 yrs ago, skipped black out... but this new one, i cant hate... it plays well and looks good and im back in and i will get it again!

maybe because i have gaming experience since the 80's and can appreciate the advances no matter how big or small, when some of you only started playing games since the 90's and 00's yall expect the world from games...

but you talking about things you know little about... games used to be made with in 6 months to a year.. now they take longer than god damn block buster movies to make and arguable just as much cash ot make them...

so enjoy your self and stop hating, enjoy what u have... have comfort in knowing you will die one day and so will your opinions... why waste the energy to hate? waste of a beating heart if you ask me!

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