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This show so far makes no sense, at least not the way they're promoting it. It's clear they're trying to push the LGBTQ agenda with lines like "I see the freedom to be myself, to play by my own rules". But statements like that make zero sense considering she's taking on Bruce Wayne's life & is that being yourself and playing by your own rules? The focus is way off.

It's already bad enough Ruby Rose is a horrible actor.

On top of all of that, she's running around doing promo talking about how it's "time to have gay super hero", as if the DC's CW shows aren't already full of gay heroes --- White Canary, Mr. Terrific, The Ray, Thunder...along with all the supporting cast, Alex Danvers, Captain Singh, Earth-2 Captain Cold, Ava Sharpe.

Even crazier is that she spits out lines like the [bat] suit will be perfect, "when it fits a woman"...never mind the fact that she's come out and said she once wanted to transition to male & even now considers herself to be "genderfluid". Can't go around preaching girl power when you want to be a man on any given day.

I'm not anti-LGBTQ or anti woman, but this show is making it more about that than being a vigilante saving and protecting Gotham. They need to being focusing on why Kate Kane wants to take on the cowl and save the city.