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You’re right. Platform games take mad skill. One false move means you fail and have to start over.

Mega Man is brutal. Mega Man 11 is in the top 5 hardest in the series. I am a huge Mega Man buff and even I got slaughtered by MM11 on normal. Torch Mans stage is insane.

Mega Man 8 is crazy too though.The hardest MM games are 7,8,9 and 11. The original is hard as fu*k too. The hardest boss is Wily Capsule in Mega Man 7. fu*k that sh*t.

Sonic 1 is not hard except for Scrap Brain and the fact you have to f*ght the final boss with zero rings. The game forces you to perfect the final boss. sh*t is insane.

Donkey Kong country 2 is insane your first time playing it. The only reason I’m good at it is because I played that game since 1998.

Ninja Gaiden for NES is fu*king ridiculous.

Mario is easy due to having flawless controls from jump street that improved with each successive installment.

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