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 stutteringrap said
let's keep it real platformers are the hardest video game genre of all time!

i mean i am not too good a 3d shooting games. but i play all video game genres.

being a gamer since 1991 to 2005 and present.

I was playing a demo version of super mario bros switch dexlue and mega man 11 at target yesterday and i lose about 15 times before winning. but i play super mario oddesye and past the demo level in a breeze.

1. double dragon 3. anybody say they can beat that with one life is a lie


3.lion king

4. mortal kombat mythgoies sub zero


6. super mario bros 1

7. donkey kong

8. ninja gaiden

9. mega man x5 and mega man 8. at least the final episode were you have to beat all stage bossese with one health bar and the final boss.

10. double dragon 2 nes.

11.shiboi 3 and 1.


13.contra hard coprs

14.earthworm jinm.

15.acaiser 2,

16. sonic 1

17. one 3d style shooting game for ps1.
Beat all the ones in bold

Wtf is the one in red

Is that Shinobi