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 Negusis said
What this essentially is is a reboot of the X-Men franchise. What's been happening recently as of late in the comics is that the X-Men Series has been put on the back burner. People felt it happen for various reasons, the most popular opinion being that since Marvel did not own the film rights to X-Men that they downgraded them in a sense to not help Fox and others. Because of this a lot of bad stories spawned back-to-back with X-Men characters. Now, because Marvel has the rights back to at least most of them, now they will bring the X-Men back to their previous prominence. So overall it was a big political game that really only punished the consumer.

The difference now is that Marvel has put one of their best writers on to the X-Men and he will have a significant amount of control over the X-Men that hasn't really been seen since Chris Claremont. Chris Claremont is probably the most famous X-Men writer outside of Stanley. And he's probably hands-down the most important X-Men writer. Jonathan Hickman has come into much prominence in his writing of other characters and this is the first time that he's really had this level of control over the X-Men. So with it even books that he's not per se writing, he will have a say in what goes into those books and the overall direction of the X-Men even if he's not the specific writer of them. What that does is keep the X-Men stories in line in a linear fashion instead of having 10 different writers having 10 different perspectives and making various mistakes that would undermine each other stories. So basically you have one guy saying yay or nay when it comes to their comics.

This particular story starting off is going to bring the X-Men back to prominence, it will more than likely be more in line with their actual characters and their previous story lines while spinning off new storylines that are in more continuity with the X-Men. What is been a problem with X-Men comics and comics in general is that you will have one Rider come into great stories for a long. Of time and then the next Ryder gets the franchise and they just completely s*** all over all the good work that was done previously before them and makes the characters in stories look stupid. This is an attempt to help make sure that this does not happen. They do not need to have the store in the MCU. There's 50 to 60 other X-Men stories that happened in the comics that have yet to hit the film that would be great for film before anyone even thinks about talking about this.
Good read for non comic book people. I remember reading a while back that Marvel did not own the rights to the xmen which confused me until I researched it, bunch legal and rights stuff. Which characters do they still NOT have rights to? Anybody that would hinder things?