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Stanley Kubrick's director style and Jack's performance makes the shining a stand out right up there with the exorcist. If you not a fan of centered shots long dialog shots and subliminal messages then it's not for you. The movie is designed to unnerve you so you feel as desolate as the actors. Jack definitely did a great job method acting in the shining. The original movie is about telepathy that is a generic pass down from the father. The son had the ability to speak to the old man from across states that was powerful. Him and the father both had the ability to perceive environmental trauma like a dog picks up a scent. Without someone to explain what you were experiencing it would drive you mad. Also the father seemed to absorb the personality OF the former house sitter. They said the k*lled Kubrick because he snitched about the false moon landing in the shining and the illuminati in eyes wide shut. Im definitely watching dr sleep now