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 vandalizm said
Never understand why these fu*kin weenies be on a rap forum in the first place with their preachy bullsh*t.

Rap came from the streets, it evolved in the streets and remains in the streets but you coming in here flapping your d*ck suckers about the streets.

I’d respect it if you actually did something in real life about it but you ain’t sh*t. You’d tuck your tail and walk past these dudes and avoid eye contact let alone voice how you really feel. You pussies be invisibile, victims and cowards in real life and be all outspoken online.

Either you love the sh*t for what it is or you don’t not sure why you even on a rap forum.

most of these young n*ggas grew up on YouTube and Instagram. they never been in the hip hop field, and i don't even necessarily mean gang banging... they never tagged their name on a building wall, been in a face to face battle trading verses. ducked for cover because n*ggas was blicking, etc

they never experienced most of the sh*t these cats rap about, because they never knew anyone who was about that, they was raised in their basements and stayed there.. like the hermits/incels they are.

they only acknowledge hip hop through a forum, they don't actually live it.

they just talk about it.

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