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 OptimisticCynic said
I see your points too, but also feel like people are sometimes doing the same now in the current system by getting credit cards, for example, which can be a slippery slope if you get a credit limit that is too high.

Internet and cell phones are almost basic, mandatory utilities now so why not use them as a way to build credit is my question. Younger people also don’t typically have the financial flexibility to purchase a home right away so having their eventual lease/rent help them establish credit seems reasonable.

This is definitely an interesting idea that I think we should further explore.
well with credit cards you dont actually ever have to pay any interest. if you are responsible.

but if all that new stuff has weight. how do you live with someone and share utilities. if my name isnt on it, i want to pay less. since i dont get the credit. but either way as long as im not the only person responsible. i can just not pay and quit. bc the other person will pay no matter what. its almost like shifting collections etc all that to small claims court.

and you know theyll save money with people paying on time, collections, etc. and they wont pass that saving down. bc they already a monopoly.

edit: simply, it seems with rent and utilities, even family plan cell phones. youll be turning a whole lot of america into co signers. and theyll quit that immediately.

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