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 DrakeSavage said
thats a good point. but if the way the scores are measured changes and these essentially monthly subscriptions gain weight on your credit score. it kinda gives people incentive to get these things when before they might not needed to.

but anyway i feel like its always the start. so more monthly subscriptions would probably be tacked on later. like internet. and between some of these things like utilities. you dont even really have a choice of company. its almost like giving these monopoly companies more pull.
I see your points too, but also feel like people are sometimes doing the same now in the current system by getting credit cards, for example, which can be a slippery slope if you get a credit limit that is too high.

Internet and cell phones are almost basic, mandatory utilities now so why not use them as a way to build credit is my question. Younger people also donít typically have the financial flexibility to purchase a home right away so having their eventual lease/rent help them establish credit seems reasonable.

This is definitely an interesting idea that I think we should further explore.