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 Fumo said
I'm a 80s baby n*gga..
How dumb are you?
That's even worse TBH. You're supposed to know better.

Btc dropped 50% its only affecting new investors... people who bought btc years ago are still up even if it drops 300%..
Again I have 1 btc I purchased for 90 bucks do you think 100 or 200% loses affects me ?
When the market drops its doesn't matter,
What matters is your buy in point..

I'm starting to think you trolling so you can get crypto advice....
Ok you're literally admitting you're in a Ponzi Scheme. So every time you tell somebody to BUY THE DIP you're basically telling them to buy it so you cash out. The money funnels up.

Those are the people in talking to. The people who are in the negative and keep buying this dumb sh*t because y'all tell them to.

And if you haven't cashed out, you don't have sh*t. Literally.