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Optimus Maximus 
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The I Promise School is funded by the Akron, Ohio tax payers and owned by The Akron Public Schools Board of Education.

LeBron's foundation contributed $2 million dollars and the Akron, Ohio tax payers contributed the rest. Not a single dime came out of LeBron's pocket.

You can't build a public school. The Akron Public Schools Board of Education owns the building. They also hired the administrators, custodians, employees, faculty, security, etc. They also created the brainwashing and indoctrinating curriculum.

LeBron is starved for attention. He craves constant attention like an IG thot. Everything LeBron does is contrived, hagiographical, manufactured, overhyped and overrated.

LeBron is just the spokesman taking all of the credit as usual.

It's too early for LeBron to come out with his 10-part hagiographical, overhyped and overrated documentary so he comes up with this documentary for his delusional and insufferable fan base of fatherless clowns living vicariously through him.