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 Tweezy12 said
No running here, I was wrong about that one...
But we didn't boycott for a cause....and didn't use that to make Dems earn the vote....
Not showing up isn't have to demand policy in exchange for your vote and continue to not show up until you get your way
I hear u, but I think it was definitely for a cause...Hillary sucked as an option and her and her husband were never friends to Black people...I been knew about 'super predator' before it became a thing 2016 because most people don't pay attention to politics outside the presidential every 4 years and miss who these people are and their voting records.

And yes they did use that to make Dems earn the vote...Starting in 2018 with the congressional election, all these old establishment dems started getting booted because people saw the power of their do u think we had AOC in the Bronx, a young bartender, motivate the people and the n*gga she beat had the seat for like 20*t like this happened all over the country...2016 signaled to them that old dems was out and 'progressives' were in...and u saw even more support for Bernie in 2020 than in 2016 because that's where the wave is ain't close to being there yet, but everything has a starting point. Opting out and not voting wisely (especially locally) is doing nothing except playing into the hand that most republicans and racist old dems, want. As a result, as I mentioned before, the Dems' congress is as diverse as it has ever been in history and more a reflection of what the country looks like...race, gender, religion (I mean, freaking Minnesota has a Muslim congressWOMAN)....u know crazy that sounded 20 years ago...even 10 years ago, post 911? But it's true.

Biden may be one of the racist old dems...but people actually do change bruh...I think the Black people all around him; someone would come out and say some sh*t. Especially during the election...u think Trump and the republicans didn't try and dig that sh*t up? I'm 39 now and at 19 I was pretty homophobic...29, now, I'm like I'm a supporter for them n*ggas getting thei' rights as long as it doesn't infringe on mine. The n*gga is in his mid 70s and nothing from the past quarter century has really come up about he himself being racist. But let's say that he is and just been tidy about it, still doesn't matter since the dems in congress have the power and they're currently the opposite of old white man ways...i ain't saying change is happening tomorrow or even the next 8 years...but if we keep infiltrating, 20 years from now I expect to see real tangible changes in education resources, policing/real prison reform, etc...