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 240ka said
Nah, mane. Cant pull no drake moves spraying cologne in there air.

You can spray it into the pit of your elbow or behind thr ear then wrist dab from the there if you want. But I only do two sprays total. Theres a such thing as wearing too much cologne which a lot of cats do because they say they cant smell it after a hour. Youre not supposed to smell your own cologne if sprayed in the right places since ot absorbs into your body and begins to work with your body chemistry. . This is how cats ended up smelling like they drenched them selves in cologne.

Also, being that cologne works with your you just have to try them out and see which you get compliments on and Not. The colognes i like and work best with my body chemistry are the fresh scents like chrome, allure ck1, d&g man, aqua di gio, perry ellis red, candies and on and on. I dont fu*k with woodsy colognes or musks.

You just have to try them out.
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