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wow:wow: that is alot of stuff... i do kno this

the hip-hop artist Houston had some kind of mental problem or sumthin and everything was a cover-up he didn't try to k*ll himself but that eye thing was real...i think they said he had an overdose of PCP that some1 slipped to him(he didn't kno he was takin it)*poor baby too fine 2 b doin that to hisself*PM if u want more info on him

and snoop dogg name means somehtin....if u put out the letters seperatley it's some kind of code dissing bloods...and that lil sswoooooooooooooop sound he made in drop it like it's hot is supposedley a crip call

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Oh yeah what most of u don't know is that all gangs came from one panthers...thats y it's ok for any gang to wear black.....hit that damn prop button.

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