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WU TANG FACTS...that i got from wutangcorp

Mathematics not only designed the famous Wu-Tang logo, but also SOME of the graphics on the Liquid Swords cover

RZA was charged of attempted murder and represented himself without a lawyer back in 91.

cappadonna taught Inspectah Deck how to rhyme.

In 1994, U-God's son (at the time a baby) was shot in a drive-by shootout in Park Hill Staten Island while playing outside, he got caught in the cross-fire. At the time U-God was on the road and had to hear the painful news via telephone. Thankfully he survived and is still alive today. His name is Donte.

Also back in 94, the cops raided 36 Chambers studio and arrested Ol' Dirty & inspectah Deck. I don't know the reasons.

The cover of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... was the first time Ghostface had appeared in a photograph without a mask.

The first album on Wu-Tang Records was supposed to be "Nothing New under The Sun" by Sunz Of Man. It was supposed to come out back in 1997 but they started all over again and released "The Last Shall Be First" instead in 1998.

Some of the skits on k*llarmy's "Dirty Weaponry" are quotes from HBO's Spawn Animated series.

On Bobby Digital's Digital Bullet, The RZA is incorrectly credited as the producer for track #4 "It Must Be Bobby". That track was produced by Mathematics.

masta k*lla was a honorary 9th member..[wu-tang manual]
u-god was kicked off alot of tracks cuz rza thought his lyrics just wasnt cuttin it..[wu-tang manual]
rza and the crew took the protect ya neck video and brought it to ralph mcdaniels of video music box fame and asked him to play it. and he did. the rest is history.
flavor flav is rza's distant cousin.
hellz windstaff was the only track title used twice.[on liquid swords & forever.]
cocaine inspired many lyrics on the 36chambers album [wu-tang manual]

Denys Cowan of DC Comics Designed GZA's Liquid Swords Cover

ODB got robbed at his apartement and was shot in his back

ODB's dad was a cop

Ghostface was shot in the neck...he talks about it in one of the songs off of the Only Built for Cuban Linx (Can it be so simple remix)...and Cappadonna didn't teach Deck how to rhyme...he taught U-God, who used to be Cappa's beatbox DJ...

the track SCHOOL by mastakilla and rza has a sample from GOODTIMES i believe in the start