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 LBoogie2122 said
anybody else got some sh*t?
boogie you know yo n*gga was finna come wit it check it:

-lil wayne never said sware words on any of his tracks (except "fu*k the world" from the block is hot) prior to him turning 18 that was a stipulation in his contract his mom made

-krs one goes to a pshychic in san diego on 5th and Broadway named Nancy at European Tea Leaf Pshychic

- she once told krs one his son was bringing bad spirits to his home so he bought his son an apartment and qurantined him

- on the "Armagedon" track on bone thugs -n- harmony's Art of war cd before pac's vers bizzy bone can heard saying "HE'S ALIVE HE'S ALIVE" in the background

- mike jones a&r team told him not to say give out his phone number or say his name repeatedly but his grandmother told him to do it she had a vision of him doing such

-dj quik was shot in the foot while promoting his mixtape in a compton crip neighborhood with red shoes on

-kam from WATTS UP! and formerly of ice cube's "guerilla's in the midst" has recorded several diss songs to cube including "u aint fresh" and "whoop whoop"

-the sample from mobb deep's "twisted" came from the song "weird science"

- micheal jackson is the most sampled artist in terms of hip-hop el debarge is running a close second

- souljah slim kicked his heroin addiction cold turkey

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