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 tmontana171 said
Motherfu*ker You are the dumbest n*gga.... NOT ALOT OF RAPPERS SELL 4 MILLINS YOU fu*kING me THERE ALSO GETTING PAID OFF THESE SHOWs even the fu*king hypemen get paper yeah they payt most of the tour but hwen there done they have made profit and you dont think em is paying for most of that sh*t anyway hes loaded as a motherfu*ker .....n*gga wu-tang had nine members didnt sell 4......rappers are living good and dont even sell a million, groups included, crime mob, franvhize boyz so shut your dumb a*s up and quit talking like you know your sh*t, Son dumb motherfu*ker i gotta say that sh*t one more time cuz u so damn dumb, Dumb motherfu*ker

number 1 you are fake so stop trying so hard to be a gangsta on the internet you are not real the net is not real and you need to stop it you look and sound retarted when you talk like that.

# 2 you said -----rappers are living good and dont even sell a million

which is not true at all rappers are living off advances there tours are a source to pay back there ADVANCE and finacially gain to an extent.

RAPPERS RECIEVE 7 royalty points on every major release

and a average main stream or underground rapper gets any where from 1,000 to 5,000 $ for a show

the average rapper was estimated to make 50,000k a year which is still eligible for finacial aid in america buddy

stop looking at the bigger picture and get your knowledge up