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 thaawater said

lol are you aware how much money it cost to release and album?

pressing fee's,beats,promotion,mastering fee's ,engineering fee's,album covers and photo shoots ...the 5 music videos they put out ??

and there are 6 people in the group all spliting a profit at 6 points a piece which eminem dosent even own majors too

I Think you are very wrong there son

he grew up with d 12 and he put them on

a majority of these rappers child hood friends and a*sociates are long gone because fame could get the best of you.

for such a racist guy you would think he would of broke off all relationships to his BLACK FRIENDS ?? when he became famous

lets be serious

d-12 is no where near a sucess

stop writing your own stories and deal with the fact that the rap game in 2005 is opend doors for all angles all races and all countries.

theres a war in iraq/
and your only concern is do irap?/


Motherfu*ker You are the dumbest n*gga.... NOT ALOT OF RAPPERS SELL 4 MILLINS YOU fu*kING me THERE ALSO GETTING PAID OFF THESE SHOWs even the fu*king hypemen get paper yeah they payt most of the tour but hwen there done they have made profit and you dont think em is paying for most of that sh*t anyway hes loaded as a motherfu*ker .....n*gga wu-tang had nine members didnt sell 4......rappers are living good and dont even sell a million, groups included, crime mob, franvhize boyz so shut your dumb a*s up and quit talking like you know your sh*t, Son dumb motherfu*ker i gotta say that sh*t one more time cuz u so damn dumb, Dumb motherfu*ker