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 Lungs said
i heard pharrell may program the drums and hum the melodies, but Chad actually does everything that requires musical talent...
I heard the same... Pharrel is the "soul" Chad is the melodies and technical sh*t

-Redman used to DJ before he started rhyming
-Kool G rap is from corona queens
-Prodigy is from hempstead Long Island, not queensbridge
-Tragedy Khadafi used to call himself "Intelligent hoodlum" and used to spit very pro-black "conscious" sh*t back in the 90's
-Nore and khadafi had beef over money from the first CNN album.. Nore started saying Khadafi bit his style, Tragedy said he wrote almost all of nore's raps and nore got his style from him.
Listen to the old CNN album and decide if nore still rhymes like he does when he was fu*kin with Trag.
-Progidy used to rite some of havoc's rhymes, on early mixtapes around the time the infamous dropped, you can hear Havoc spitting rhymes which would later be used by prodigy on later albums.