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rza owns the rights to the wu-tang name

michael jackson owns the copyrights to the happy birthday song(happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you etc. etc) 100% true, if you heard it on tv, he gets paid

twista is a vicelord (do they still run chicago?)

one reason mase came back was because of this jay z verse

This is Jay, dissin Jay will get you Mase'd
When I start spittin them lyrics n*ggaz get very religious
Six hail mary's please father forgive us
Young, the archbishop, the Pope John Paul of y'all n*ggaz
They way y'all all follow Jigga
Hov's a livin legend and I'll tell you why
Everybody wanna be Hov and Hov's still alive

jeru the damaja was screwed by the industry so bad, he was spotted last year in manhatten delivering chinese food on a bike, not a motorbike, a bike

when he was asked what happened he says & i quote " you know the industry does you in"
if anybody on here kno him,ask him he'll tell you

shyne used up all his phone time for the next 6 months just to get at 50

Mary J b was an industry wh*re who got ran up by more nuccas than Jenna Jameson

know why Rocwilder ain't had a hit in years? Cause his ghost producer died and he used up the archives

LL cool j gets botox injections

q-tip produced a few songs on mobbs the infamous album under the name 'The Abstract' gohstface produced a lil of it too but i forget which track
nas also ghost produced which explains why the infamous was arguably their best album (i say hell on earth)