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 JarlesBronson said
maybe i was being a lil hyperbolic but

Mrs. Jackson
So Fresh So Clean
The Way You Move
Rosa Parks
2 dope boyz
The Whole World
Da art of storytellin 1

and i see ur point because i guess i could pick Tribe sogns that beat those BUT
i wasnt even trying.. outkast hit game, and smooth lyrical aresonal is too lengthy

tip's arms too short to box with gods

i wont even put Roses or Hey Ya because some people feel their corny but nah fu*k it i will.. those tracks are still awesome to me
That list isn't that crazy

Check the rhyme
Electric relaxation
Bonita applebum
Stressed out
Buggin out
Can I kick i
Hot s*x
Award tour
Oh my God
Find a way

Tribe >>