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 RagnarRogers225 said
For being a coach not a player I don’t see how u can rationalize Robert horry being in the hall of fame he was never one of the premier players in the league never all nba no all star appearances but he should get in cause he was lucky
But can you really say Kerr is even a great coach or was he lucky enough to inherit what Mark Jackson left behind which was Steph, Klay, and Draymond?

As well as Durant who came later.

This argument regarding Horry has been around for awhile if he belongs in the Hall or not.

He had pretty good stats when he was in Houston, he was a decent-average enough role player for the Lakers/Spurs, he made a lot of memorable clutch shots, and he does have 7 rings. I can see where other people are coming from. I mean it's not like he completely rode coattails...