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 MrNobody said
I gotta psychoanalytic take on these shooters. Not all but a lot of them, while white, can’t take being black.

When I say black, look up plessy v ferguson and put the breath of the one drop rule into perspective.

It still haunts many ppl. They may get treated as white above ostensibly black ppl, but a hierarchy still exists. They’re not pure WASPS.

Kind of like Harry Potter mudbloods. Fiction is a great place to tell the truth.

Their apparent melanin puts them in a certain bracket. They get treated like n*ggas, but don’t have that same violent nature as their waspy counterparts. Remember the school shooters? They wore all black and listened to black metal. They took the passion from our music and turned it into something super brazy.

There was a reason Eminem was chosen to represent them. That’s the psychology behind him dying his hair blond. He couldn’t bare his mulatto status. n*ggas won’t except u cause either u or them project slave owner tendencies onto u. Wasps won’t except u because your high concentration of melanin. Die your hair and become a full on white person who can do what the blacks do. But don’t let any of your melanin be apparent.

U hear em rapping about being called a wigger and talking with an accent (creole). It’s not just purely sociological.

We see them in the hood too. They called lightskin n*ggas.

The lightskin mentality is described as fragile and capricious. You don’t have to be lightskin to have the traits, but there’s a reason we as a ppl call it lightskin.

Look at these lying a*s pictures like Gone With The Wind or Django Unchained.

Why are house workers depicted with dark skin? They wanted to implant the lie of racial division into the psyche of the viewer.

Dark skin means serve, while whiteness means master.

But the truth doesn’t work in a picture.

What does our own oral tradition say? What do we call lightskin n*ggas? We call them HOUSE n*ggas. Look at J Cole’s music video about it.

“I’m a field n*gga, go shine cutlery”

Because they are related to the plantation owner and therefore live in the house with their mother whether she’s a “mammy” (notice dark woman in cinema are usually grossly des*xualized, but if u grew up in the hood, them white boys knew just how bad our dark sisters are just as much as we do, but they can’t afford for that to be aggrandized thru media) or a mulatto. One drop rule. U got one black grandparent, your a*s is not white. U are a slave.

Whether you want to call it creole or lightskin, they are a class in both societies.

But today, the ones that defected into white society still struggle with maintaining whiteness.

This is a part of what fuels the alt right. Liberals want to control “blacks.” Ppl in the alt right and even liberaterians don’t want their black blood to be acknowledged.

If they were treated as fully white, they wouldn’t hate the mainstream media so much.
What in the entire fu*k did you just say or attempt to say??!!