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 baseone said
This sh*t is so wack. And lame.. I lived in Detroit. Caught a bullet in the fu*king leg in Detroit. Trapped a block off 8mile, lived by state fair.. The real sh*t is the green team, peezy, b icewood, t, whole Team Eastside, vezzo, Snoop ect. I'd blade dance on that pu**y face if he came round me talking bout some darkweb lol how y'all vibe to that off beat a*s half rapping a*s sh*t, no money getting crab a*s sh*t lol if u weren't scamming ten years ago you ain't gonna make sh*t without doin time and you won't make enough to justify it
they the same ones endorsing his music all them eastside mfs fu*k w shorty, shut yo dumb a*s, detroit k*lling sh*t in the industry