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 NorthNorthReppa said
Oh my god...

I Love JRPGS and tactical/strategy RPGs, but I had somehow never played a Fire Emblem besides a few hours on like.. a GBA title. So anyway, I got the game on a whim with one of those Nintendo vouchers last month.. Grabbed it and Dragon Quest Builders 2. Thought I might regret it, but whatever. So I started it and yeah.. its one of the best games on Switch. The combat and battle prep is insanely fun. The free roam between battles is like.. a Harry Potter RPG. You're in a school and you have your "house" or class and you can develop and teach each student however you want them class up. Like I made one girl a tank, one guy a knight, one guy a brawler, one girl an a*sassin, one a sniper etc. They are pre-determined things that they excel in, but you can build them however you seem fit on their personality and the relationship you build with them. It's really fantastic.

I said I was "done" with it.. But I've finished one house.. out of three.. and out of four different routes the game can take. 60 Hours. So I still have 3 playthroughs to go. The only reason I'm done is because my Switch was dying on the dock while playing. Lol something up with the battery. So I had to send it into Nintendo to repair. Hoping to get it back at the end of this week or the beginning of next so I can start a new house in my New Game+ file.

It's the best game on Switch to me. It could actually be a GOTY contender. And sh*t man, I'm obsessed. I own it and the DLC digitally. But I still set up a stock alert for the Seasons of Warfare special edition, managed to get that. Now I'm trying to get my hands on the Japanese special edition for less than $150 lol. I just have to have it. FE:TH is one of those special games that only comes around every once in awhile for me where it's all I think about. Haven't really had something like it since RDR2, Spiderman, God of War.

Long response, but if you like JRPGS and tactics, get that damn game. It's great. And on topic, so is Judgement. Going to try and knock it out before my Switch gets back.
WORD. say less.

I been playing the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo and thinking about copping that too, only game i got for Switch so far was Zelda

so i might as well scoop Fire Emblem

ALSO you just reminded me i bought Spiderman Deluxe Edition on PS4 and God of War and still haven't played either of them yet smh