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 BorrachoRenfro said
I know sports games used to suffer from this. My homie cheated like a MF on NFL2K21. Lame was checking out all the plays I was picking. Still k*lled him with the ‘fins. Jason taylor having a career day with 11 sacks
 LYTE said
I forgot which Madden it was that introduced the "bluff play". It was either for Genesis or ps1

So I can have all run plays on my screen but the previous or next plays can be all pass.

So basically you scroll through, you see a hail mary. You scroll to next screen where it's all runs.

You press either L1 for the play screen lower or L2 for screen that's above & appropriate button for "hail Mary"

So the defense sees all run plays on screen and set defense to blitz. Meanwhile you're going for the deep pass.

Or maybe it was the 6 button Genesis button. I really don't remember
It was Genesis days. Might still be available tho