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 Wawdy24 said
No, I was describing what I have been saying since last June. You all said i was wrong... looks like I was 100% correct.

The fact this is what you got out of the OP goes to show just how one sided your view is. It is NOT 4k60 Dynamic... It is 1080p60 (with frame drops and an old Global Illumination trick they are calling Ray Tracing). With a Main Character looking worse than an NPC (Craig) in Hal Infinite, who you frequently posted all throughout the Summer.

that's cause I didn't read 99% of ur OP given the fact that u've been wrong for the past year with 99% of everything u said

the main character doesn't look close to being as bad as craig or else the reviews wouldn't all be praising the visuals

I don't care what techniques they used as long as the end result looks great unlike halo