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section hiphop

Black Album?
1 mic 24 2.76%
2 mics 14 1.61%
3 mics 64 7.36%
4 mics 160 18.41%
4.5 mics 239 27.50%
5 mics
1 i Will E, 2 Hollywood, 305gangstamuzik, 95thstreet, AdoT22, Alf, Antman187, Auron, ayibro, Bay.Area.Boi., bdiddy1724, benadreal, bigdog232, BigJay.inc, bignick43, bird, BlackandGifted, BuGz213, Burym3ag, BusychasingGuap, Bygdogg, byrdoe, C. Carter, Cary, Cezaroh, chrismb, Chronos, csick, Ctrice, Cutty Olds, D-ROCK, DaJordanKing, DaLonStyliciouz, daone2fear, datkid72, deathrow, diego, DirectorsKut, Don CMoney, e-man, EastBroadway, ElQueHablaSucio, esade23, EscoNore, flowmatic, Fly or Die, Gadd, GaryIn'75, GetOnMahLevel, GotBeatz, hiphophorray123, Holiday Styles, i am not a MOD, I Run Brooklyn, Ill Fred, IMChillin730, ivan1087, Jay39, Jeebus82, jiggaman85, joeycrakk, jpninc, juis, justinG, Kasssssst, kingjames944, kingPatanello, knAwle3ge, Koekoe, l0udm0uf, Left Hook, live wire2622, Ljayhova15, Lowske, made in the bay, marpacino, Mike T, Montana5085, Mourad, Mr_Lacoste1985, m_cullins, Nickel, nublet, oakr8ers, octane, oncue, one hundred, outkast, outoutout, Phemom, pntblank, pokora, Pos, prolific1, R.A.R.E., raygunna, Redplayboy313, Reeferman420, Rich Porter, Rockobox, ronnie|A, rsm9, s1mple, Salazar10033, samdoh, scottyb123, Sel, shriep, Sir Mike, slimyellow, speedyt8, Stack_Bundles, stanis3k, Str8 outta Cuse, Tha Truth 561, ThaHustla, thegoldenhero, TheInevitable24, theman03, The_Legend23, ThE_NeW_gUy, tmed834, tmontana171, trap star 101, Triple0, TROPHY, truflipsoulja, tytetrax, vac1803, whoaitsme, Windy City G, ya boy, chea, Young Money $$$, Young OG, Young_Question, Zirov
368 42.35%
Voters: 869.

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