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  hiphop | By BigBallerLavar

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 BREAKING: Diddy Shot Woman In The Face in 99 NOT Shyne & Stole "About The Benjamins" Beat

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hiphop | By HolyFatherSteve

According to Tim Dog's homie Black Dot

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Prayers Up: Kevin Durants 'Adopted Brother' Killed At Birthday Party

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sports | By LeonPhelps

Former college basketball player and Kevin Durant’s best friend, Cliff Dixon, was shot and killed in Atlanta on March 21 while he was celebrating his 32nd birthday.

Fox Atlanta reports that the shooting took place in the parking lot of the Little Saigon strip mall in Chamblee, Georgia, 15 miles north of Atlanta around 1 a.m. By the time police arrived at the scene, Dixon was already in critical condition. He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police believe there was a single gunman who took off on foot before authorities arrived. Police searched the crime scene with K-9 units after the shooting. Law enforcement said their investigation has been hindered because many of the security cameras at the mall are not working, reported Fox Atlanta.

The SL Lounge nightclub, where the party was held, advertised an appearance from Dixon on their official Instagram page. Dixon wrote in the caption, “We litty tonight @SLLoungeatl come catch the vibe.”

Rapper Dave East penned a tribute on Instagram to his slain friend.

“Rest in heavenly peace bro u ain’t deserve whatever happen to u.” East wrote, adding that he always remembered seeing Dixon with Durant. Dixon and the Golden State Warriors' star had been friends since they were 16 or 17, and East referred to Dixon as Durant’s “adopted brother.”

Dixon was a college basketball star at Western Kentucky University. Before college, Dixon played high school ball at Suitland High School in Maryland. In February 2011, Dixon was dismissed from the WKU program after he reportedly refused to leave his team’s bench to play the second half of a game.

visit this link https://www.bet.com/news/ .. ally-shot.html

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 Blue Face spending all of his advance, congrats though

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hiphop | By Tree Top

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How's a nigga supposed to stay p0rn free with these hoes

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thotsdimesetc | By Breaux

Check out @TheCreepeerss Tweet:

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Miley Cyrus talks on why she left the hiphop scene

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hiphop | By Kliq

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GTFOH!! ððð

A post shared by Ebro Darden (@oldmanebro) on

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NFL Paid Under $10 Million to Settle Colin Kaepernick Grievance

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sports | By imthatinfamous

visit this link https://www.wsj.com/artic .. ce-11553192288

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, the NFL stars who alleged the leagues teams colluded to keep them off the field after they led protests during the national anthem, will receive less than $10 million to settle grievances with the league, according to people briefed on the deal.

The confidential agreement was widely celebrated as a victory for the players. But the settlement is far less than the tens of millions of dollars Mr. Kaepernick, especially, would have likely been owed if his grievance had prevailed. It couldnt be determined how the payment is divided between the players and how much they will net after legal fees.

Mr. Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, and Mr. Reid, a safety, alleged in their grievances that they were blackballed by the league after they catalyzed a movement of proteststypically kneeling or holding up a fistduring the national anthem to draw attention to social issues and racial inequality. Mr. Kaepernick, who has gone unsigned the last two seasons, filed his grievance in 2017. Mr. Reid followed suit last year, and was later signed by the Carolina Panthers midway through the 2018 season.

An NFL spokesman declined to comment. An attorney for Messrs. Kaepernick and Reid said they are respecting the deals confidentiality agreement.

The league and attorneys for the players did not announce terms of the deal last month when they announced a settlement of the respective grievances. The parties said the agreement was subject to a confidentiality agreement and that there would be no further comment from any party. Details of the settlement have been tightly held among just a few league officials and Mr. Kaepernicks attorneys.

If Mr. Kaepernick had won his grievance, the leagues collective bargaining agreement with its players would have entitled him to damages worth up to three times what an arbitrator determined he lost as a result of the collusion. If Mr. Kaepernicks market value had been judged to be a total of $30 million over the two seasons he was sidelineda ballpark price tag for a player of his caliberhe could have been awarded $90 million from the ruling.

If the league didnt settle, it faced the possibility of costly litigation had Mr. Kaepernick lost and taken the case to court.

In the settlements aftermath, Mr. Kaepernick was widely hailed for making the league pay for the damage allegedly done to his career.

Im happy to see the news come out yesterday that he won his suit, NBA star LeBron James said after the agreement was announced. I hope its a hell of a lot of money that can set not only him up but set his family up, set his grandkids up for the rest of their lives. I hope the word of what he did will live on throughout American history.

The settlements brought resolution to a dispute that extended far beyond football. The players protest movement stoked racial and political tensions, and the controversy surrounding the protests thrust the countrys richest and most popular sports league into tumult as it faced difficult questions about how to respond to competing pressures.

The protests turned Mr. Kaepernick into a high-profile activist, while it also transformed the NFL into a political lightning rod that drew the ire of critics, including President Trump, who called the demonstrations unpatriotic.

Mr. Kaepernick starred as a quarterback for the 49ers through 2016, the season he began sitting and then later kneeling during the national anthem. He was joined by players such as Mr. Reid, and others across the league, who would sit, kneel, raise a fist or demonstrate in other manners.

After the 2016 season, Mr. Kaepernick became a free agent. He has gone unsigned since then, even though his body of work compares favorably to other quarterbacks who have gotten jobs.

Mr. Kaepernicks grievance, filed in 2017, accused the NFL and all 32 teams of colluding to keep him unsigned because of the protests and his role as an activist.

Legal experts say Mr. Kaepernick faced a difficult path to winning the grievance. Although his grievance argued that it was a statistical impossibility that Mr. Kaepernick had not been signed, the burden of proof in this type of grievance required proving that there was some type of coordinated effort to keep him unsigned.

Mr. Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in the 2012 season and the NFC Championship the following year, emerging as a transcendent star with a strong arm and remarkable speed. But from 2014 to 2016, he won only 11 of 35 starts as injuries, and diminished play in the eyes of some, damped the hype around him.

Even with Mr. Kaepernick unsigned, the fervor around the player protests grew. Mr. Trump repeatedly assailed the protests as unpatriotic and criticized the NFL for allowing them to continueplacing the league in a direct feud with the president. In a 2017 speech, Mr. Trump referred to a kneeling player as a son of a bitch, and playersand entire teamsresponded by kneeling en masse. Later, Vice President Mike Pencewalked out of a game when players knelt during the anthem.

After the 2017 season, the NFL briefly instituted a rule change that required players to stand and show respect for the anthem or otherwise remain in the locker room during its playing. In response, the NFL Players Association said it wasnt consulted on the new policy and threatened litigation. The parties agreed to suspend the rule change, and it was never implemented.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported on depositions, taken as part of Mr. Kaepernicks grievance, in which NFL team owners indicated that Mr. Trumps pressure on the issue pushed them to shift their stance.

Mr. Reid became a free agent following the 2017 season and went unsigned, and he filed a grievance similar to Mr. Kaepernicks. After the 2018 season began, Mr. Reid, who plays safety, was signed by the Panthers.

The settlement agreement, in February, came more than a year after Mr. Kaepernick filed his grievance but within a month or two of when his case had finally been set to be heard by the arbitrator, a person familiar with the matter said when the case was resolved.

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sports | By suavehooper


Salute that man though. Dude had a GREAT season and legendary moment when he dropped 50. Just sad it had to end with injury as usual.

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misc | By BigBallerLavar

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sports | By BigBallerLavar

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 Thot On Suicide Watch After IG Post

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  thotsdimesetc | By Adwerdz

The internets will not lose

I remember watching Mask as a kid, shit was creepy af

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Google Florida man + your birthday and post your results :memedudehah:

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wild'ish | By Kliq

This is gonna be straight jokes

Im on mobile Ill come back and share my result

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 Mar 21 - Cliff Dixon robbed n killed at his own bday party..smh

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news | By Enjoying myself

It was his birthday on Sunday but his birthday party was last night at SL Lounge (Mr. Rugg’s club). People are saying he was robbed and shot in the head outside of the club.

The gunfire rang out after 1 a.m. Thursday at the Little Saigon strip mall in the 4100 Block of Buford Highway. Arriving police officers found a man, described in his late twenties to early thirties, having been shot in the parking lot.

Paramedics rushed the victim to Grady Memorial Hospital, where at last check he was going into surgery.

Detectives said the gunman escaped on foot. They only have a vague description of him which isn't being released yet to the public.

Chamblee police brought in a K( to try to track the gunman's scent, but so far no arrests have been made. Investigators are hoping security cameras from the strip mall will help them identify the shooter. They say that might be difficult because some of the cameras aren't working. They also have been having trouble getting credible information from the witnesses at the scene.

Gunman on the run after strip mall shooting

Dam. ...cold fuckin world. ..mofo got robbed and murked at his own bday party. Shiiiiit..

From what I hear he was a very cocky mafucca..n when you cocky n shining u always goin have mafuccas in they feelins. ..coulda been fuckin wit some thot that the next mofo was obsessed ova.

No matter what the reason was it's Everybody's responsibility to keep their heart beating n he clearly fell asleep on the job. Rip

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 Lord have mercy! Slim sexy home workout. Good fu-kin lord

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  thotsdimesetc | By Mr Scaramucci

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 Mar 21 - P Morgan Wells Fargo have announced that they will no longer fund private prisons

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news | By Illuminati

Queen. @ronnie

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Neighborhood Not Happy Guy Painted Whole House Pink

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wild'ish | By Keepit1million

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 Mar 20 - She yelled "Bye, Miami" as she hung from a car. Then she flew out and "was gone."

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  news | By The Bully

It started out as a joyful trip, just four friends celebrating a birthday. The young women swam in the ocean and clubbed in South Beach.

After three days of spring break fun, it was time to head back to the airport.

Their rented Hyundai barreled west on the Airport Expressway, near Okeechobee Road, just minutes from Miami International Airport. It was 4:43 a.m. Sunday and few cars were on the road.

Mariah Michelle Logan, 23, was hanging out of the right rear passenger window. She yelled, Bye, Miami, as the skyline faded into the distance. Life was good.

Then, suddenly, without warning, she flew out of the car and landed on the road. (The driver was changing lanes from the outside to the center lane.)

A hit-and-run driver crushed her to death on the highway.

According to the crash report, early Sunday morning, Logan fell from the 2019 Hyundai Accent sedan on State Road 112, the highway that connects Miami Beach with the airport.

She was just being silly. She loved life, her boyfriend, Ray Olden, told the Miami Herald on Monday about her last words.

He said Logans friends told him the smiling woman was saying Bye, Miami just as she fell from the moving car. Earlier that day, the women went to the beach, grabbed food, went to a club.

Olden said he was called the moment it happened, saying that my baby was gone, fell out the window and was hit by a car. I started screaming and they were crying and said they had to call her sisters and that they were so sorry, Olden said.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, an unknown male driver in a Range Rover was traveling behind the Hyundai when Logan fell onto the road. The Range Rover ran over Logan once, the FHP said.

Police noted that the driver stopped briefly, but then took off. He left no information. The case is being investigated as a traffic homicide.

Police are looking into whether alcohol was a factor in the tragedy.

FHP investigators have talked to witnesses. But cops say they wont get any help from the states surveillance cameras posted along the highway.

The cameras run by the state Department of Transportation stream traffic information in real time. They do not record images for viewing later.

Its going to be hard for investigators, said FHP spokesman Alejandro Camacho. They only livestream. Its too much data to record.

Details about what witnesses said they saw wont be available for at least 90 days pending the investigation, Camacho said. FHP declined to say whether there were witnesses other than the three women left in the rental car.

Mariah Michelle Logan and her boyfriend, Ray Olden, in 2018.​

The friends riding in the car with Logan were Trina Frazier, 24; Aaliyah Frazier, 23 and Kenyatta Burch, 23.

Im still grieving, said Burch, Logans friend of 12 years. I lost my best friend, my sister. Blood cannot make us closer.

The other two women declined to comment.

Olden says the women, who were celebrating Burchs birthday, were having a great time at the beach, restaurants and clubs. They rented Jet Skis, stayed in a hotel in Miami Beach and rented a car.

They are devastated, as am I. Theres just a silence in the air. Its not real yet, Olden said. He said he was in a relationship with Logan for about a year, and were discussing marriage. They had a cruise planned for August.

She brought energy and life. She never looked at the bad. I was told I was a special man and she made me believe it, Olden said. We had the next five years mapped out.

Logan worked as a mental health technician at a nonprofit in Waukegan, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Her family and friends say they are trying to round up money to ship her body back to Chicago.

As if dealing with this loss and heartbreak, now we have to figure out how to send her home. Its expensive. Its a nightmare, Burch said.

After the tragedy and investigation, three of the four women in the car traveled on to the airport. They boarded a plane to head back home.

visit this link https://www.miamiherald.c .. 228084444.html

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 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

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games | By 21


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OKC fan yelling the N-Word at Siakam

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sports | By !!!

WTF man.

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 Something in the Water

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  thotsdimesetc | By Mr Scaramucci

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