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  1. Direct TV vs Comcast
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  5. FTC gives FBI the finger over govt backdoor encryption demands
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  8. just copped LG G4
  9. programs like mediamonkey for mac to tag albums & mixtapes?
  10. So my s6 dropped off the table while charging and the LCD screen is black
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  17. News Article or Interview Sprint Comes In Number 1 For Speed And Overall Network Reliability In Denver. :iseeyou:
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  19. Images in this thread LG develops 111-inch double-sided 4K OLED TV
  20. News Article or Interview Verizon to be first to field-test crazy-fast 5G wireless
  21. If you use youtube or soundcloud on your computer (UpNext music player)
  22. Images in this thread And Just Like That Moto Season Is Over: BLU Announces The Pure XL, Best Phone Under $400
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  24. New 12 inch iPad coming? "Big Day for Big Screens"
  25. Oneplus 2 Invite
  26. News Article or Interview Samsung subtly reminds Apple that its Galaxy Notes had stylus pens way before the iPad Pro
  27. Just Copped the Note 5 on VZW
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  29. Facebook privacy issues
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  33. heres how to uninstall and remove the very annoying microsoft cortana in windows 10
  34. About to cancel cable!! Should i get a roku or dragonbox?
  35. Apple's Live Photos Take Up About 2x Space of Normal Images
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  39. News Article or Interview Sony changes its waterproof policy, says not to fully submerge phones
  40. Windows 10 is sneaking onto Windows 7 and 8 installs without permission
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  42. Looking for a Good/Decent 3D Printer
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  46. So which carrier should I go with for the new iPhone?
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